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Re: Must See TV Thread
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Anyone watching Bloodlines on Netflix? Kyle Chandler is the best.

I don't watch much vampire stuff it is overproduced. Ever since the twilight stuff I avoid undead shows like the plague. Also I don't like watching TV on my computer, its bad enough when a DVD I own or am renting is so messed up (or just a plain "all regions" DVD) I can only watch it on my computer. For me it is mostly a matter of of being stuborn against the technology. That and being a bit old fashioned. TV shows and movies are for watching on your TV not your computer. The internet is for you computer. The occasional music video or short video clip is fine for computer watching but anything more than 1/2 hour of programing and I'm squirming more than a five year old in time out in the corner. It also comes from memories of the early days of the internet when the slow modem speeds took an hour just to download one tiny little sliver of a picture, or 30 minutes just to download 2.39 seconds of a video. Not to mention I don't always trust the internet connections.