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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 1
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ok, that makes sense.  I do remember the 1st Nats game I went to was like April 15/16 or something like that in the first season in DC.  The weather was awful, cold and rainy.  Patterson was pitching against the Braves and we lost.  :(  Maybe he isn't as good as everyone has been touting?  I mean, good enough, but not "ace" good.

I don't know about that, or maybe you were joking with me. I think he has "ace" potential. He just needs time to develop into the role.

I was at that game kimnat. That was the game that was delayed by rain for over 2 hours. He pitched really well against Smoltz that night. Unfortunately Guillen made a play that ruined his shutout but Soriano hit 3 bombs that night.