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Re: Follow the Prospects: Spencer Kieboom, C
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just pointing out his offensive numbers aren't terrible.   I haven't seen him since last year at Potomac where IIRC he batted clean-up, I don't know how the club views his defensive skills.  He's 25 though, so definitely short on time.

Sure, if they translated to the majors exactly the same. If so, then it's passable, especially with great defensive skills like Molina.

Not sure why it hasn't caught up with catchers (as far as young guys coming up earlier), but 25 isn't that late as a C prospect. You'd hope he's feeling out how to handle pitchers (Giolito and him are best buds -- not that means anything for on-field performance, but who knows), and getting a shot to sit next to Ramos/Loby/BP catchers for a month in Sept. is a huge plus.