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Re: Follow the Prospects, Erick Fedde, P
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Disagree that Byler made the right move. He might have been a slight steal in the 9th but its not like hes a first or second rounds either. Hes a 4/5 rounder and it will be hard for him to improve a lot next year. With no leverage, hes taking a risk. Theres the chance he has a down season and falls out of the top ten.

Not sure what Suarez is thinking.  I never agree with pitchers thst turn down big money because an injury could happen at any time. Especially a guy who's already had shoulder surgery. Especially a guy that isnt projected as a frontline guy.  Heckled possibly pull out an extra 100k or so with a good year but he could also go the other way. Had he signed this year, hed be in Potomac, with an outside chance at Harrisburg. Instead, hell be waiting to sign again. Not sure what was up with his situation.