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Re: Follow the Prospects, Erick Fedde, P
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Crazy good numbers. He's also up to 91 innings, which is a good sign for his progression assuming he makes another couple of starts at Harrisburg.

Gotta think he moves up from #61 into BA's postseason top 50.

Might be a perfect sell-high trade chip in the off-season for Rizzo.

I'm expecting a couple starts. We've discussed it a little before, but it'll be interesting to see what Rizzo does with him, innings-wise. This is the first college pitcher drafted that's undergone TJS after signing (IIRC -- I'm sure I'm missing someone). Usually, they are going with 100-120 IP in the first year back, 120-140 the next, 140-160 the following, then taking the training wheels off. Fedde's highest IP in college was 96.1 IP though. Last year, he returned from TJS later in the year, and I'd suspect he would have thrown 120 IP or so if he came back earlier. I'm thinking he'll pitch 5 more starts and get shutdown around 120 IP this season (which would line up with the end of HAR's schedule (Sept. 5, last game).