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Re: Re: 2014 MLB Draft
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In the make the best out of a bad situation mode, is next year's draft bad enough and is Fedde good enough that you take the penalty and blow your budget?  Figure our pick is late 1st round.  Lose the pick and the budget associated with it, then what?

Well, considering the Nats were willing to give up the last pick in the first round after 2012 for Soriano, I think picking that low would potentially be worth it as long as there isn't a signing in the offseason that the Nats feel they need to make with a player associated with a QO and losing a pick.

For what it's worth, the only guys that will be leaving via FA would be ALR, Span, Hairston, Frandsen and Soriano.  ALR and Span have club options, which is nice, and the only other guy with a player option is Soriano.  Barring a big trade and sign like say sending JZimm out and picking up a pitcher (not something I see happening), I think the Nats really won't make any big splashes on the market in the offseason.  I don't know what position players are going to be FA, but I always assumed that the next FA class was pitching dominant with Scherzer, Shields and potentially Lester.  The high end pitching prospects the Nats currently have are probably enough to fill the voids left in the pen, and pretty much everywhere else the team is set.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Nats either promote a guy like Taylor or Souza up to play either CF or LF respectively with Zim moving to 1B.  Ideally, I would try out the outfield of Zim, Harper and Werth left to right and possibly swing with ALR next year as a platoon 1B with Zim.

From what I hear on Fedde, he is a JZimm like pitcher, stuff and mentality wise.  I think it is a smart sign, and he could be close to the "Giolito" of this draft.