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Signing Fedde
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If Fedde is really looking for $3 million, that's tenth pick territory, which he would have been looking at if he was healthy. I don't believe any teams picking after the Nats would have willing to give an injured pitcher the same bonus as if he had been healthy.  Hoffman, the better prospect, took the slot deal.

If signing Fedde would cause the loss of the first round pick from next year's draft, the Nats are probably better off taking the 19th overall pick and the 20-something pick in 2015 along with the larger bonus pool.  Then, sign Suarez for slot and Byler with the 300k they've saved with senior signs.

The new draft slots are adversely affecting Suarez too because he's a player who is presumably looking to sign at slot value or possibly just a little under.  Assuming Suarez will sign at anywhere from around 50k under to slot value or he'll return to Miami, Fedde can't get anywhere near $3 million without triggering the penalties.  If for some reason, Suarez doesn't sign, the Nats will get the 19th pick in the second round.