Author Topic: Nationals vs Diamondbacks, Game 2  (Read 6131 times)

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Re: Nationals vs Diamondbacks, Game 2
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Now you owe me one Hot Babe plus one beer - for part of that $20 (except that the parking and admission cost would exceed its value.)  Both of you can check back with that Cleaning Lady, who fixed the MASN2 problem.  Those are resourceful people... and often KNOW Hot Babes!
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Ok, now let's lighten it up after a dreary loss.  Hey N2P!  About the hot cleaning lady.  I've seen ads on craigslist that boggle the mind.  But it's the closest I can get to the hot cleaning lady..  There's a guy, who thinks he's hot, who will clean your place for free.  The catch?  He wants to do it in the buff and the service seeker MUST watch, that's it.   :shock:  That's not for me, but it's the closest I could find.  :D