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Re: Nationals vs Diamondbacks, Game 1
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Quote from: Air Zimmerman
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Criticism makes bad teams less bad, good teams better and great teams greater. So why then is criticizing the Nats a bad thing? If the Nats players were made of glass, they wouldn't be playing profession baseball. It's every fans right to complain as well as praise, and they have the right to do both at any time and even at the same time.

Like nats2playoffs has pointed out, the Nats starting pitching is making winning games very difficult. The Nats starters have averaged less than 4 1/3 innings per start with a 9.82 ERA, while the bullpen is averaging a shade under 5 innings per game with a 3.20 ERA. No bullpen can take the strain of pitching 5 innings a game. If the Nats are to have any kind of chance to win, the starters will have to start eating more innings, or the Nats will be making the 1962 Mets look like a power house.

I feel bad for the players and Manny Acta, except for a one out single by Dmitri Young on Wednesday afternoon, the Nats have never had the lead for even a half inning so far.