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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 2
« Reply #275: April 03, 2007, 10:56:33 PM »
Just got back from the game. A tough one. Hill really pitched ok against a tough lineup. The first inning was a nightmare, because it was a combination of bad defense (Young) and simply some really dumb luck. Losing the starting CF and starting SS on opening day just hurts.

It looked like Casto and Wilson had some opening jitters, but ultimately hung in there and had decent games. Casto seemed to need to get that first flyout out of the way. Both Wilson and Casto had some nice at bats.

The first inning seemed like a game of inches between grazing Ramirez on the first at bat and then failing to get anything out of Wilson's nice snag. It compounded from there.

It was a very unfortunate hole to dig. And of course Young was at the center of it all.

The reality is that Hill pitched pretty well over his 5 innings and the team turned a double play in 3 of the first 4 innings. You would never know by the score. But that is something to build on since Wilson was actually able to get on base so much.
I would have kept Hill in instead of batting Belliard, but I assumed that Manny wanted Hill to leave on a positive note since he recovered pretty well after throwing around 40 pitches in the first through little fault of his own.

In the doghouse: Ray King. He failed to cover first on a double-play ball. Isn't that twice in 4 days? Unacceptable.