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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
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there is no way PWC should allow this stadium to be built if it's on the hook for $35 million in bonds.   And I really want to see the P-Nats stay in the area.  Just not by putting the risk on the county government that has been fighting for weeks over how it's going to come up with $9.5 million to fund a desperately needed new high school design that would increase student capacity by around 800 over the old design.

Yeah but there's no shiney objects in a new high school plan.    In Loudoun, the pols go for shiney objects over common sense.   I imagine our brothers and sisters in PWC aren't much different.      See:   Edelman Financial Field

Some developer will sell 'em a bill of goods for a stadium complex and the deal will fall through.    At that point, your BOS will build a 2,000 town house development.     That way, you can plan for 2 high schools.