Author Topic: Potomac Nationals New Stadium - Fredericksburg!  (Read 18230 times)

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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
« Reply #25: February 17, 2016, 08:30:04 AM »
Only about 250,000 people attend P-Nats games each year, and how many of those are unique? Probably 100,000 or fewer (maybe a lot fewer). How many of those would NOT attend Nationals games or become Nationals fans? I actually think it would be a tougher decision if the minor league club was farther away. You might lose Harrisburg fans to Pittsburgh or Philly if you move that affiliate, but what are the chances a PWC fan will abandon the Nationals for another team? You are within commuting distance of the ballpark!

I think if you have serious issues with a minor league club, the geographical convenience/synergy probably takes a back seat.
You wonder if maybe the Nats would switch affiliations from the Carolina league the Florida State league.  I think that one is High A too and where the Dodgers and some other teams have affiliates.  You could use the Palm Beach facilities, which should be state of the art for rehab and conditioning.  Gio's dad could help anyone with weight loss issues.