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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
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The latest is Silber wants to delay the vote as he apparently is not happy with some changes the supervisors want.

Like making him liable for the cost of the stadium?  A few days ago he was threatening the BOS that he'd sell the team to a non-local buyer if they didn't approve it this month.  As much as I love going to P-nats games, this stadium is a horrible deal for the county.  Let them simply renovate the Pfitz.

Update: here's the story:

Silber declined to discuss the sticking points of the negotiation, only saying that the terms of the proposed deal now include terms team officials believe would be “suicidal business-wise and would create tremendous risk” for the ball club. Under the deal’s original conditions, the county would use its Industrial Development Authority to issue bonds to raise money for the stadium’s construction, then the team would pay the county back for that debt over the course of a 30-year lease.

“The terms of that agreement have got to be fair, and if they’re not, we’re not going to move ahead with the deal and will take advantage of all the options available to us,” Silber said.

Those options include “looking at other areas in Northern Virginia like Loudoun or Fairfax,” Silber said, or starting up negotiations with other potential buyers in North Carolina.