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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
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Hmmm good stuff. It does seem like $3 million a year would break the spreadsheet considering you're talking about ~200,000 attendance a year. You would need to generate $50 per person to even get to the point where debt service and the lease were even 30% of total gate revenues. $50 per person at a single-A park sure seems like a lot of $1 hot dogs.

Frankly the whole set up is ludicrous. Every major league owner cries poor because the vast majority of their profits are unrealized in the form of rapidly appreciating teams. These guys are making like 15% of unrealized gain per year on their teams, and still bilking taxpayers for hundreds of millions. Obscene.

Good points.  I assume that's why selling the naming rights was so important (and why Silber's failure to sell them delayed the stadium and forced him to go to the county to back the project).  I'm hoping they work something out as I attend 3-4 games a year and always have a good time, even at Pfitzner.  I just don't want to see the County left on the hook for covering the bonds if revenue projects fall short.  The Sheriff blog makes good points that PWC could better spend the money on schools and that it's a red flag that Silber wasn't able to secure private backing.  This is a county that's in the middle of a dogfight over the size of the next high school and whether not it can afford to spend ~$10 million or so to increase its capacity by ~500 students.