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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
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so take the closest affiliate and move it to Upstate NY, Georgia (having been to sand nats games, not only is that place a dump, but there is a wee bit of a bug problem if there is no breeze at night) or NC? If Loudon got close for an indy league team (who know how close it actually was), a minor league team associated with the Nats may stand a chance, something around Fredericksburg/Stafford could work, but I wonder how many people from closer in would want to drive down RT1/95 in the summer
I don't think Loudoun got close at all, I think it was all smoke and mirrors and that guy made off with a bucket of money. But, I do think it is a viable area.

Upstate NY - maybe - but I doubt that the Carolina League wants to expand that far north. If the P-Nats lose their "accreditation" - they'll still need to be a Carolina League affiliate to replace them.

I think Fredericksburg was closer to reality than Loudoun.  But Silber, Loudoun and Fredereicksburg all have some commonalities in that there's an owner with his hand out and if you just give him enough money or free land, then he can make it happen. Fredericksburg didn't get the free land and Silber cannot find the big money sponsors, so, those projects aren't happening...