Author Topic: Potomac Nationals New Stadium - Fredericksburg!  (Read 21980 times)

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Re: Potomac Nationals New Stadium Watch
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as a fan, I like the pfitz- lots of areas to picnic/lets the kids run around before hand, easy parking, and easy to get to. Stone bridge is still easy to get to, but looking at the plot, I question how easy parking will be and there is really nowhere to play around before hand, just toby keiths for overpriced microwaved southern fare

Fitz pros:
- easy access to the players before the game, and even after if you wait by the fence/locker room exit
- Nats rehab there, so lots of good opportunities for autographs
- easy to get in/out
- rarely crowded so plenty of available seating
- cheap, plus lots of discount/free promos for kids

Fiz cons:
- no shade whatsoever
- horrible horrible food choices with long waits at the main concession stand.

After visiting Harrisburg I'd be willing to trade the folksy feel of the Fitz for a more modern stadium.