Author Topic: Barves: Knights Templar of Unwritten Rules and gutless anti-American douche bags  (Read 54141 times)

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Things I would have learnt sooner if I followed college sports (which I don't):

The other day on a sports-talk radio show I heard a sound clip from a Florida State football match, with a chorus from the audience that sounded exactly like that song/chant that the inbreds and Superstation-era phony sophisticates still sing in the stands at Braves matches.

One of the two oldest continuously maintained franchises in MLB (established 1876, same year as the Cubs)...and they can't come up with anything original to cheer their team on, but have to steal an inane chant from some viciously corrupt college football programme.

Apart from the Dallas Cowboys there a more worthless, pathetic fandom in sports?
It was adopted by Atlanta when they drafted Deion Sanders out of Florida State. It followed him to the Braves. The Kansas City Chiefs use it, too.