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What could possibly go wrong?
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Hah! That one evoked a chuckle. Short of a profanity laden tirade calling a religious icon's sexual proclivities into question (Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Cthulu), that's got to be one of the most... offensive isn't the right word, but... blasphemous? things I've seen. I'm surprised I haven't seen that before in the bowels of the Interwebz.

I'm unfamiliar with the "It's a trap!" Ole' Miss snafu, but I'll look it up eventually.

Anyways though, in regard to both what I posted earlier and the comments about 'nobody voting nowadays'... If I recall right, NBC-4 fielded submissions from grade-schoolers (Always a way to get a perfect name - 7-year olds have such amazing vocabularies and knowledge bases to draw from.) Then George Michael, Abe Polin, maybe a couple players…? picked favorites. Then the masses 'voted' for them - but Mitlen's comment reminded me, I do recall it came out a few years later (I think Michael might have even been the revealer) that Abe said f*** it, I'm a Wizard! and the voting thing wasn't even a factor.

Then again, anybody that does away with a name which has some history because said name is Bullets clearly is an idiot to begin with. I'm still pissed they changed the name... Ooh, Bullets! Can't have the kiddies go on shooting sprees because their favorite team's called the bullets! We should all picket Warner Brothers - I'm offended by the fact my future kid will look at Superman, hear he's faster than a speeding bullet, then shoot me in my sleep to see if I, too, am faster than a speeding bullet.
My point being - there is a very simple fix to 4chan tweens: precisely what the Bullets did. Select a few preferred names, let the public vote on them and only them.

The thing with Abe rigging it did get me curious though - anybody that's a basketball fan and somewhat old timer recall what the alternatives to Wizards were? They must have either been awful to have A. Lost to such a stupid name as Wizards and B. Lost because the owner refused to even consider them, despite supposedly holding a public vote.

I'd Google it, but those were the days before the Interwebz - I cannot imagine an obscure 20 year old fake poll from a local TV affiliate made it into the annals of history.