Author Topic: Barves: Knights Templar of Unwritten Rules and gutless anti-American douche bags  (Read 52554 times)

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I'd settle for the 'skins renaming if it meant the Braves had to rename and we got to savor their tears.

You know, that really would almost be worth it. I can't say as though I'd want to see it even so, but it would offer a degree of consolation.

But of course, even if the name changes, s#!t like the Chop would never go away... Has the wave ever vanished despite the widely spread hate it causes?

One day all these team names will probably disappear - it just takes one right (or wrong) owner, likely one connected to a corporation or shareholders, and buh-bye. If the goddamn Bullets were deemed so freaking heinous a name two decades ago, Redskins, Chiefs, Braves... none have a chance. I still shudder everytime I hear the name Wizards - as I recall, don't we owe that name to some elementary schooler via a contest George Michael and NBC-4 held? Goodbye Redskins, hello Disco-Ballers. So long Braves, hi there Atlanta 'L33t Hackerz - lolz'.