Author Topic: Barves: Knights Templar of Unwritten Rules and gutless anti-American douche bags  (Read 63535 times)

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Just gonna leave this here so no one is wondering why Harper gets plunked tonight...  I regrettably had to watch the Braves broadcast last night and they pointed it out in game and said he did it twice so they weren't happy.  Say what you want about the kid but he clearly is not afraid to take a HBP to tell the Braves how much they suck.  And good for him :)

As a side note, the Barves broadcasters were nagging hardcore when Span came up in the 11th and took his sweet time in between every pitch.  They said people like Span were ruining the game by taking so long between pitches and that it was 2am so hurry up.  It gave me such a deep sense of happiness I can hardly describe it.