Author Topic: Does Frank owe it to the new fans to bench Guzman?  (Read 1004 times)

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I am not sure about this but thought it might make a good discussion. My mind isnt made up yet. Here is the question:  Since the Nationals are still new to this town and have gotten a very enthusiastic response from fans, Is it worth it in the first year to have this loyalty to Guzman ( make it or not to the playoffs) risking alienating and frustrating brand new fans who might just throw up their arms and say screw it why bother?  Wouldnt the gesture of benching him for carroll if nothing else create a lot of goodwill among fans and be a good baseball move and a good move in promoting the team long term with local fans.  Hope that made sense. thoughts?

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He should bench him because, since the All Star break, he's 1-35.

Yes, 1 for 35!!!


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Frank should bench him - not because he owes it to the fans but he owes it to the team - how many times do pitchers have to pitch great games and see him not do anything at bat and now screw up in the field as well...and have the other hitters have to try and compensate for him...he's more of an automatic out than a pitcher - he should be batting 9th if he's even in the lineup...he can't even bunt to get a runner over for crying out loud....Guzman is a waste of money and should be benched and we should play Carroll - at least he tries.....


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Guz has got to go!
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The man has had no business in the majors all season. We won in spite of him the first half. He is an embarrisment to baseball. What is FR doing?


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I have to think that there is some pressure from the "owner" which is MLB.  It has never been spoken about or even hinted at but think about who is paying Guzman's four million dollar salary.  Not that it matters if he is collecting four million sitting on the bench or going 1 - 35 something is causing this to happen.  No other team in organized baseball would tolerate something like this unless they were in first place and could afford one weak spot in the order.