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TFS Update and "All Better" Party info
« Topic Start: March 22, 2007, 01:09:52 PM »
Hey Gang,

It's been so long since I have let y'all know how TFS is doing.  Answer?  Really good!  We're planning the big celebration now.  Details so far, cause y'all are invited, just let me know if you're coming!  (Ken & Minty already told me that they live too far away to be able to come, which I totally understand.)  Saturday, June 2.  11 a.m. - 2 p.m.  at Truro Church in downtown Fairfax City.  We'll be in their fellowship hall and on the big preschool playground there.  I'll have cake and ice cream, plus light lunch stuff (deli trays, chips, veggie and fruit trays, sodas/water.  You get the picture.  I'd love to cater it, but that's WAY to expensive for me to be able to bite off and chew.  He wants a moonbounce and magician there, too.  But that might end up as an one or the other deal, due to costs.

Now, for the details on how Andrew is doing.  He had his port removed back on the 16th (a week ago).  School has proved to be a bit of a challenge.  From an interview I had w/ the oncologist last night (for a series of articles I'm writing), we learned that he is already having late effects from the chemo.  He's showing slowness in completing school work, difficulty in process multi-stepped tasks, difficulty staying on task, etc.  he told me that it doesn't go away, but the child will be able to compensate over time.  Basically, the chemo damages parts of the brain.  I'd love to talk to VT72 from the other board to find out if his daughter experienced this, too.  She also had Hodgkin's.  He also tires easily.  But Dr. Greenberg said that lasts until 6 mo. after treatment and magically goes away right at 6 mo. from what patients have told him.  But he looks great and is physically, doing really great!  I'm so happy to have him really back.

You can follow my articles at Once on screen, click on Fairfax Chronicle, then click on news.  It's part of the way down the page and you'll see "Andrew's Story."  That's it, click it and it'll come right up.  :)  Has a pic of him there, too.

Well, speaking of the little booger, I need to go pick him up from school.  The doc. agrees that he really won't be able to return full time, as we would have hoped.  So, we need to continue homebound for him to supplement what he doesn't finish or can't get to.

Pray that these late effects won't worsen.  Pray also that his teacher will be sympathetic and gentle (hasn't fully been the case) and for his self-esteem to not suffer (he thinks he's an idiot.)  But thank Him for the healing he has given Andrew and for giving us a reason to celebrate!

Thanks so much, y'all!  I love y'all to pieces!:D


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Re: TFS Update and "All Better" Party info
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Awesome...that's some very welcome good news.