What should Rendon's nickname be?

The Grin: no need for explanation
7 (11.7%)
El Martillo:  Spanish for "The Hammer;" earned by the comparison of his wrists and swing to Aaron's
5 (8.3%)
Tony "Two bags":  in honor of his doubles, not his once and maybe future position. sounds vaguely mobbish.
29 (48.3%)
The Hitman:  also has mob overtones
19 (31.7%)

Total Members Voted: 60

Author Topic: Enter the Rendon - Grin for the Win  (Read 37457 times)

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Re: Enter the Rendon - Grin for the Win
« Reply #75: June 11, 2013, 12:18:56 PM »
...that sobriquet belongs forever to Dick Stuart, first baseman for the Red Sox in the early '60's...won a home run title or two but couldn't field to save his life...he even got one of the earliest vanity plates with 'E-3'...it's because of people like him that they came up with the DH.

Couldn't field to save his life but started on a WS champion.   He has a ring.   He only had 4 more errors than Mazeroski in 1960 and fewer than Groat and Hoak.   That's the whole 1960 WS Champion infield.    Boston must have ruined him.   :)