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Re: Follow the Prospects: Drew Ward, 3b
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Even if he strikes out a lot kid is putting decent numbers. We must learn with Souza. Souza's numbers were below average when he started now look at him. Some kids take a while to adjust and grow

Also agree with Tiger.

Think of one kid: signed with the Nats at 17; following MLB rules of the time time, Nats had to carry him on the 25-man roster for two seasons. Got no coaching: too raw, more experienced players got whatever coaching the Nats could give; Nats had few coaches anyway. Finished his time and was sent to AA one season, then one season in AAA. Only "coaching" he got was from an old-time ball-player coaching or managing an opposing team. "Kid," coach said, "get closer to the plate. That will let you pull any pitch: inside corner, middle, outside corner. You've got muscles. If a pitcher tries to brush you back, if he hits you, you won't feel it."  Kid came back to the Senators in 1959 and tied Mickey Mantle as AL home run champ. Never learned to field...never got the coaching...but was a star until he retired. Hall of Fame. Harmon Killebrew.

No way will I predict that Drew Ward is like Killebrew, but I would not throw Ward onto the discard pile at 19. Killebrew became the Killer, "Bombin' Harmon" (Bob Wolff) at 23.

Here's hoping Ward learns. He has time, and the organization spends money to teach young players.