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Re: Follow the Prospects: Drew Ward, 3b
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I'm sure Tucker Blair is an expert on the neurological issues that may genetically prevent a player from ever getting better at recognizing offspeed pitches. After all, he graduated with a B.A. in Entrepeneurial Studies at York College in Pennsylvania and works as a Project Analyst at a management consulting firm.

I'm not saying he's wrong, but scouts (especially amateur scouts) are the WORST when they stray from "this is what the kid is on the field right now" into "this is what a likely projection is for this kid". The first is observational data they're trained for, the second is usually conjecture.

This struck me, too. I could say the same thing about Bryce Harper when he's scuffling and striking out a ton. Does anyone here actually think Harper is incapable of hitting breaking balls? (Hint: He was crushing breaking balls to start 2013)

Does anyone care to retweet that to an expert for his opinion on if you can scout the neurological ability to recognize offspeed pitches?  :hysterical: