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Re: Follow the Prospects: Drew Ward, 3b
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Count me in with the its hard to tell how good he can become already. Not only is he just 19, but he left high school early. Despite the age, thats still one year less of competition (even if poor competition, but also took him off another summer circuit, playing against elite talent). Then factor in that he didnt see many quality pitches at the high school level because of such poor competition. So his first full year of pro ball shouldn't be the last we see of progress in him.

If he is emotional and argues all calls, it could just be a discipline thing. It may not be solely on pitch recognition. He could just have a lack of focus by letting previous pitches/ plays effect him. All speculation of course since I haven't seen him in the minors. But I just think a 19 year old in his first full season gets a bit more room to grow to judge.