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Makeup: Interesting player; looks to have fun; goofing off in warmups and pre-game workouts; turns on the professional look during the game; annoyingly complains about every call; not bad makeup, but has some quirks that certain individuals may grow tired of.

Ward has raw power and a big frame, but the hit tool and defense will drag him down at higher levels. He is getting away with the hit tool currently due to the competition level. Any secondary pitch that is a solid-average offering has overwhelmed Ward, who simply cannot recognize good spin. The swing has holes, but I do think it can be ironed out eventually. The swing can be shortened and balanced, but it does not solve to neurological issues of recognizing spin.

Ward is likely going to face issues at the next two levels, but he could piece it together and provide a few average seasons in the majors. This is not an impact prospect, but the tools are there just enough to provide some value. I do not think the OFP and realistic role are far apart, as the player does not have a large amount of growth left. However, he does have age on his side.