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Re: Randy Orton on steroids
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OK, the choreography is I'm sure as complex as the fricking national ballet, but is it a sport?  I dunno, I watched it on TV 25+ years ago when Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter were still involved, and it was great (then)...but what was "great" at age 12 might not fly once one enters the dismal miasma of the rest of ones life after 21.  But the book quoted from in this thread sounds like a good read, so I am planning on sussing it out.  Those guys are real athletes, no doubt about that, but I just can't tell whether the event is competitive or theatrical.

I can assure you there is much more to it than that...  and the ring is not even close to being as soft as your bed.  You have to really learn how to take falls, or even the simplest "fake" move could put you in the hospital.  Then there are the real high-flyers...  the ones who literally catapult themselves all over the place, inside and outside the ring...  in this day and age it's honestly a miracle there haven't been a LOT more fatalities in pro wrestling.

But anyway...  I won't waste any more of my time or yours...  it's obvious you have a very set opinion about wrestling and no amount of words is going to change that.