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Re: Randy Orton on steroids
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No offense to you, but as a former pro-wrestling fan, I get really tired of this kind of ignorance.  Pro wrestling, even if it is scripted, requires a tremendous amount of skill.  I liken it to the NFL.  There are guys who are basically just big fat no-talent hacks, and then there are guys who are extraordinary athletes and could run, jump, and fly circles around most "real" athletes.  Prime-time marquee matches sometimes last upwards of an hour and require an incredible amount of endurance.

Also consider that most career pro-wrestlers would hold their own in any career-related injury contest.  I would specifically recommend reading "Have a Nice Day," the superbly done self-written (no ghost-writer) autobiography of one of pro-wrestling's better known personalities: Mick Foley (that's his real name, he's had many different "character" names).  Did I mention the book was #1 on the NY Times best-seller list for several weeks?

In short, just because pro-wrestling is "scripted" does not mean it is "fake."  Injuries can and quite often do happen, and there is just as much wheeling, dealing, back-stabbing, coming-of-age, paying-your-dues and all of that other stuff in wrestling as there is in any "real" sport, if not more.

Here's a nice bit from Foley's book:
Good Post.  I was a huge wrestling fan in the late 90s and I am slowly getting back into it to a certain extent although it isn't nearly as good as it once was.