Author Topic: What if Christian Guzman doesn't want to play anymore?  (Read 2924 times)

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Lest we have another thread devoted to Guzman, this one is a little different from the the others.

After ?watching? yesterday's performance, I'm starting to think that he just doesn't want to play baseball anymore.  If you look at his performance this season, you could make the argument that he's just lost the ability to play the game but you could also make the argument that he's lost the desire to play and that his play is that of someone who's displaying classic ?passive aggressive? behavoirs.  Look at his play from the position of him not wanting to play and resenting Frank Robinson and the organization for ?forcing? him to.

Look at last night's game specifically.  His offensive problems are already legendary but examine them from the position of not wanting to play the game anymore.  One at bat, in particular, in the 7th inning, he walks up to the plate after Brian Schneider had had a very long at bat.  Tim Hudson's pitch count was up.  Even if you're not going to get a hit, the objective should have been to make him throw a lot of pitches.  Instead, he swings at the first pitch and grounds out.  It could have just been a bad play on his part but it could have also been the actions of someone who resents the organization for ?making? him do something he doesn't want to, ie, play baseball.  From that perspective, he swung at the first pitch, with contempt, because he knew it would hurt the team, all the while appearing to be performing his job as expected.

And, at short stop in last night's game, failing to make defensive plays that should have, theoretically, been made also could be the actions of someone displaying passive aggressive behavior, looking as if he's performing his job, but not really.

He wants to continue to get paid, of course.  That's why he doesn't actually quit.  Instead, he's figuratively quit but continues to get paid, is what I maintain.