Author Topic: The No Guzman Movement.  (Read 1956 times)

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The No Guzman Movement.
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You guys are going to laugh, but Guzman is my 13-year old stepson's favorite player.  I think the main reason is that before the season, I bought him a Nats t-shirt with Guzman's name & number on the back.   He wears that thing every game we go to and, believe me, he gets insults hurled at him.   One game, he tried to get a wave started and he told me that two college age kids yelled at him, "Guzman sucks, motherf&*%er!".   It seems like the more he gets booed & everyone hates him, the more he defends him.   Every game I go to, I can count on an argument between he & my 14-year old son, who blames everything on Guzman.

Last week, my stepson wrote a letter of encouragement to Guzman and mailed it to him in care of the Nats.