Author Topic: The No Guzman Movement.  (Read 2036 times)

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The No Guzman Movement.
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I found this clip from somone's geocities web page:

Christian Guzman is the slick fielding All Star shortstop for the Minnesota Twins.  This season Christian is not only making great plays with his glove he has become a hitting machine! Guzman is a switch hitter with gap power and can beat out infeild hits.  Guzman is a flat out speed demon! He led the league last year with 20 triples, and had 28 steals.  Christian was ranked #1 in Baseball America, as the fasted base runner and has been clocked at a god like 10.6 seconds from home to third.  Christian was named to the 2001 All Star team.

In light of our Christian Guzman, this almost seems mocking.   :twisted: