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The No Guzman Movement.
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Quote from: "Ray D"
Quote from: "nats2playoffs"
If Frank wouldn't dream of bringing Guzman in as a pinch hitter, why start him?  Let the pitchers bat ahead of him. :(
...And last week Frank had him bunt with two strikes.  I don't think I've ever seen that with a non-pitcher.

With a man on 1st Guzman should be instructed to bunt and deliberately miss.  It brings in the infield and makes a steal easier.  Oh I forgot, the Nats don't steal bases....  With anyone on 1st and/or 2nd, "Double-Play Guzman" should deliberately strike out to avoid the double play.  He can't bunt and he can't hit a sacrifice fly.  He should be traded, even if they have to buy down his contract for the other team.