Author Topic: Nationals-Orioles Rivalry?  (Read 7533 times)

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Re: Nationals-Orioles Rivarly?
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I grew up in Montgomery County, live in Frederick now.  I grew up pulling for the O's and going to games at Memorial Stadium and OPACY.  Even as a kid I always said DC should have a team, but I could never stop rooting for the O's.  After 1997, Angelos fired Davey, allowed Mussina to walk, and started signing washed up free agents such as Joe Carter, Sammy Sosa, Albert Belle (and on and on).  I lost my desire to go to O's games once Cal retired, and slowly found other things to do than watch them on TV.  Then he cried foul when DC finally got a team, and was allowed to claim the entire midatlantic as his "territory" I had had enough.  I got hooked on the Nats when I went to that first exhibition game against the Mets, and it's been a great ride.  I do get some taunts from my Bird Fan Friends who accuse me of "jumping ship".  It's all good though.  I still want the O's to do well, just not against the Nats. 

Oh yea and Frederick Co. is mostly O's country, but I do see quite a few Curly W's around town, and at the local stores.