Author Topic: Nationals-Orioles Rivalry?  (Read 6365 times)

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Re: Nationals-Orioles Rivarly?
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are most people here from DC itself or Virginia? How do Marylanders who live near DC feel about the "rivarly"?
Grew up a Mets fan in NJ, moved to the DC area in '93. Attended some Orioles games, Keys games, Cannons, Baysox. In its heyday when OPACY was a guaranteed sellout, Baltimore acted as if it didn't need/want the DC fans money. We were a "wine and cheese crowd" and accused of coming late and leaving early.

As attendance faltered, they marketed North VA a little more. But it was never my team;I've always been an NL fan.

Was excited about the Expos move to DC and put in a deposit that first November morning when were available.