Author Topic: Nationals-Orioles Rivalry?  (Read 6952 times)

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Re: Nationals-Orioles Rivarly?
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IIRC, when I left DC in '86 we could get NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, sometimes channel 20 (whatever that was), and one in a blue moon you could make out a picture on 50 through all the snow.  No one I knew even bothered watching TV for the most part, though our friends out in VA & MD watched MTV and HBO until blood was pouring from their ears.  By the time I returned in the mid 90s, everyone had a million channels and just lay on the couch drooling and masturbating to infomercials like lobotomised apes.  Progress.  But yeah, you could get non-O's games by then, if you could find them amidst all the garbage pouring through that cable. 

Yep, growing up in the 70s and 80s I watched a ton of Os baseball, just never rooted for them.