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Re: Nationals-Orioles Rivarly?
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How anyone can bother hating the Orioles when there are Phillies, Mets, and Barves to save one's venom for is pretty much beyond me.  Angelos did this, Angelos did that...well, at least put the blame for DC not having a team for a generation where it really belongs (MLB).  Not that I really care one way or the other these days, but the Orioles were the ONLY show in town back in the day (most of you can't possibly understand this, as you probably aren't from here).  In the days of broadcast television, major league ball here consisted of a) World Series and league playoff series, and b) Orioles.  That's it.
Anyone in the DC area who wanted to watch baseball on TV could tune in to the Fox game of the week, to TBS, which broadcast numerous Braves games, or to WGN, which broadcast many Cubs games.  So there were always alternatives to the Orioles games on TV.

Washington should have gotten a team before Colorado, Tampa Bay, and Miami.  Denver supported the Rockies, but the latter two have been poor attendance draws.  Peter Angelos was a constant block to returning baseball to DC.  Selig is a jerk, but Angelos will never get a pass for what he did, including robbing DC of its TV revenues.  Bob Short awaits him, in the fires of hell.