Author Topic: Changes need to be made. NOW.  (Read 927 times)

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Changes need to be made. NOW.
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Trade Guzman for a SS now with Seattle, Detroit, or Arizona.  Give them Guzman and another player.  They probably have a real hitting coach who can turn Guzman around, who has zero confidence at this point.  The Nationals can turn this around.  They're in a bad slump.

I couldn't help but think during the 9th inning of the Game 2 loss to Atlanta that the Nationals put in two pinch hitters.  Baerga was hitting .277 and Church was hitting .313, but neither got on base.  Think about this: When did the old Washington Senators  have players with batting averages that high who could pinch hit?  The Nationals need a real hitting coach.  These guys are capable of winning the division.  :idea: