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Re: What are your opening day 2013 plans?
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I put in for leave the day the schedule was announced last Fall.  My boss already knows that OD is a religious holiday in the Church of Baseball, and knows that if I don't get my religious leave approved, I'll come down with a severe case of Red Seam Fever that day.   I'll get there early and spend all day soaking it up - haven't missed an OD yet. 

The first sip of the first beer of the first day of the season - ahhhhhhhh.
  I'll do my traditional Find a spot to Park at Vienna Metro early.   Take Orange line to Ballston and go to the IHop for a good breakfast and read the paper.   Get back on the train and get to the park by the time gates open.   Take in the store. By a program.   See if anyone else I know is there.