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Re: Ranking the Farm System - 2013
« Reply #25: February 05, 2013, 03:25:37 PM »
I'm not knocking the gut feeling, I'm knocking the evaluation criteria and the process. You can like Nathan Karns all you want, but you're just being arbitrary if you consistently knock guys down for the same flaws that Karns has, and then ignore them all in Karns.

If you follow Keith Law, then you know that injury issues + no third pitch + strain in delivery = RP for him, and that RP = not in top 100.

This should be especially true for a 25-year old.

I guess I should be happy we have another top of the rotation starter, though!

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Re: Ranking the Farm System - 2013
« Reply #26: February 05, 2013, 03:30:08 PM »
I mean, here's what Keith Law said about Karns in a post-season chat this year:

John (Arlington)
Ceiling for Nathan Karns?

Top end reliever.

Somewhere between that chat and his top-100, he decided that a 25-year old reliever had become a top of the rotation starter.

Sorry, that's arbitrary.

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Re: Ranking the Farm System - 2013
« Reply #27: March 14, 2013, 08:55:39 AM »
By the way, here is Sickels top 20 after the Cole trade:

1. Rendon B+
2. Goodwin B+
3. Cole B
4. Giolito B
5. Skole B
6. Karns B-
7. Garcia B-
8. Solis B-
9. Purke C+
10. Perez C+
11. Renda C+
12. Walters C+
13. Hood C+
14. Souza C+
15. Mooneyham C+
16. Estarlin Martinez C+
17. Rivero C+
18. Blake Treinen C (the other arm in the Morse deal)
19. Sandy Leon C
20. Michael Taylor C
21. Brandon Miller C
22. Corey Brown C

Yes, it is 22 and not 20.

Interesting in light of JimBo's comments on the current med staff:

There is considerable raw material for a pitching staff, but the Nationals are relying on good results from their doctors and rehab personnel. Giolito, Solis, and Purke all project as starters, with Giolito a potential ace, but they have to prove that they've recovered from surgery before their grades reflect their full talent. Medical retread projects Nate Karns and Christian Garcia show what is possible when things go right, and of course Strasburg and Zimmermann are the poster boys for rehab. Beyond the talented-but-injured group, there are a variety of possible bullpen contributors. Erik Davis is a sleeper to watch for bullpen time in 2013.

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Re: Ranking the Farm System - 2013
« Reply #28: March 17, 2013, 03:46:21 PM »
Absolutely fantastic representation of the top prospects in baseball right now: