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I didn't want to clutter the already existing movie thread with this request for help so I started a new one. I have a little something that I need to figure out. I have sort of a little "wager" with this chick that entails me guessing one of her favorite movies. The only clue she gave me was that it takes place primarily (meaning most of it) in a hotel (no pictureso). If I can guess the movie I get an amazing treat. I haven't tried the goods yet but I'm pretty sure the treat will be nice.  :lol:  Any suggestions?
Since it is one of her favorite movies, she's seen it more than once. (So that would exclude The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.) We need more information about her background:

1. How old is she?
2. Does she like chick flicks in general?
3. Does she like older classic films?  Horror films?
4. What is her home town? Foreign? If the film was made there, it could be a clue.
5. What are her measurements? (Better yet, post her photo, in lingerie.)

Pretty Woman is the best guess; so many female fantasies fulfilled.

If she absolutely loves horror, it could be The Shining or Psycho.

Four Rooms (1995) is too obscure, set in a Los Angeles hotel on New Year's Eve.