Author Topic: Justin Upton traded to ATL (For real!)  (Read 2886 times)

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Re: Re: Justin Upton traded to ATL (For real!)
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It's probably just as likely that they've already shown us their highest WAR seasons, than that they have not.

which means that there are decent odds that each has a 5 or 6 WAR season(s) in them- that's far more than can be said of most major leaguers. I'm not equating unrealized potential to disappointment- the Rays certainly got great years out of BJ (the D backs are more of a question mark), I'm just wondering how it will play out with them together.  As far as Zimmerman goes, I may be mis-remembering the draft, but I thought he was supposed to be the can't miss almost ready guy with the lower (relatively) ceiling.