Author Topic: Justin Upton traded to ATL (For real!)  (Read 2432 times)

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Re: Justin Upton traded to ATL (For real!)
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I know this is two pages back, but I've had a grinder at work and am just now sorting through some stuff....
I find it hilarious that thanks to JCA some form of a large arrow pointing to the left margin of the screen means platoon, and that in a time of typing and texting in shorthand, it has somehow been deemed better than just typing the word.....since it takes much longer. Awesome.

Absolutely agreed. The fact that anybody drawing a great big silly arrow in their post means "platoon" now is hilarious.

The other WNFF humor I'm loving in the last 24 hours is that when the new thread got started spelling "Strausberg" wrong, everybody started posting random wrong spellings of Strasburg instead of correcting it.