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Per Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, MLB has a new deal with stubhub, the biggest change is that the lowest allowable ticket price is now $6.

From an email I got from Stubhub today:

You're receiving this email because you sold Washington Nationals tickets on StubHub last season. We recently renewed our partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) and are now allowing all sellers to list their tickets for the upcoming season. However, there are some important changes we need to tell you about.

Twenty-seven of the 30 MLB teams will have a cancel/reissue barcode integration ("MLB integrated teams") with StubHub in 2013 and the Washington Nationals are one of the teams continuing its relationship with StubHub. 
MLB transfer fee and minimum list price 
For all 2013 home games for MLB integrated teams, there will be an MLB transfer fee of $1.50 per ticket, which will only apply if your tickets sell. In the sell flow, you'll see the MLB transfer fee as a separate line item. For example, if you list a ticket for $50.00, the first $1.50 will go to the MLB transfer fee and your payout will be $41.23, which is 85% of the remaining $48.50.

There will also be a minimum list price for all 2013 Washington Nationals games of $3.00 per ticket, which is inclusive of the $1.50 MLB transfer fee. 
Product and technology updates 
•What the buyer sees is what the buyer pays: Typically on StubHub, once a buyer selects the tickets they want to buy, the buyer is assessed an additional 10% fee right before they purchase their tickets. However, for 2013 MLB games, we're changing the way we show ticket prices on our site and will include the buyer service fee in the ticket price for all 2013 MLB games. It's important to note that including the buyer service fee in the ticket cost will impact the price of your tickets the buyer sees on the event page, but it won't alter your payout.
•Buyer ticket delivery: We're also changing the delivery fee buyers pay to collect their tickets for home games for MLB integrated teams. The delivery fee will now be $2.00 per ticket for all 2013 home games for MLB integrated teams, in place of the previous delivery charge assessed at checkout. Like the service fee, the delivery fee will be included in the ticket price on the event page.
Here's an example of how it will work:
If a seller sets a per ticket cost of $50.00, that listing will show on the event page for $57.00, which includes the ticket cost ($50), buyer service fee ($5) and buyer delivery fee ($2). It's important to keep this in mind when pricing your tickets and looking for them on the event page.

We're looking forward to a great 2013 MLB season. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


So the minimum list price is $3.00, but the actual price displayed looks like it will be $5.30 ($3.00 list price + $2.00 delivery fee + $0.30 buyer service fee).  The seller will get 85% of the $3.00 list price minus the $1.50 MLB transfer fee, which equals.......a whopping $1.28.