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Re: The Empty Set - HoF Class of 2013
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There are degrees of cheating.  Steroids allowed players to do things unseen in 150 years of baseball.  I don't think it's silly to not discount that.  For example - Bonds was hitting so well in 2004 that he was intentionally walked 120 times that year.  The next highest non-Bonds number of intentional walks in a season is 45.  That is what I mean when I say he was making a mockery of the sport.  Doing that is not the same as extra pine tar on a bat or spitting on a ball before throwing a pitch. 

Regarding the 7 MVPs - there is no rule that says 7 MVPs or 700 home runs gets you in.  And more importantly, additional information has come to light since those 7 MPVs were voted on and that needs to be taken into account.