Author Topic: Why is our opening day game time TBD  (Read 3994 times)

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Re: Why is our opening day game time TBD
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My supervisor already knows that Opening Day is a religious holiday for me and that I WILL be taking it off, no matter what.  I put in my OD leave request the instant the schedule in announced in Fall.   :mg:

Reminiscing - Getting to 2008's OD was a bit rough for me - I'd just had a rather nasty chemotherapy treatment 5 days prior and was feeling miserable.  Plus I was bald cuz all my hair had fallen out, and it was cold cold cold.  But there was no way I was going to miss that first game at Nats Park, so I bundled up my little bald head as best I could and got there.  I was so weak and fatigued that I almost passed out waiting in the long security line to get in - remember POTUS was throwing out the first pitch so with all the high security the lines were terribly long.  But we got in just in time!  Sadly, I was way too nauseated to have a beer or a dog or other ballpark food, so I brought in a little container of plain white rice to eat - the only food I could tolerate.  And still I had a fabulous time.  If I could make it to OD that year and have a good time, then you'd better believe I plan on being at every OD I can.   There's nothing like it.