Author Topic: Why is our opening day game time TBD  (Read 3315 times)

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Re: Why is our opening day game time TBD
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I'm gonna just take that Monday off so I can watch all the games. Screw it, you only live once. I bet we are a 1:00 start.

With the exception of the absolute debut in 2005 and the Nats Park opener (ESPN Sunday Night Baseball) in 2008, every Nats home opener has started in the afternoon:

2005 - Thursday 14th April vs Diamondbacks - 19.05
2006 - Tuesday 11th April vs Mets - 13.05
2007 - Monday 2nd April vs Marlins - 13.05
2008 - Sunday 30th March vs Braves - 20.05
2009 - Monday 13th April vs Phillies - 15.05
2010 - Monday 5th April vs Phillies - 13.05
2011 - Thursday 31st March vs Braves - 13.05
2012 - Thursday 12th April vs Reds - 13.05

...and you bloody well bet I'll be there for the ninth home opener whatever the weather - if it's going to be cold I'll just break out my old Expos sweatshirt. (Thing is though, what are they going to run out of this time along about the fourth dog buns? straws? beer cups? bottled water? patience?)