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Re: Spring Training 2013 Advice
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Couple of pretty good restaurants down in Melbourne. The Mansion on Strawbridge Avenue just east of US-1 is terrific and has an extensive beer list. It's new within the past year or so and is well worth a visit. Meg O'Malley's on New Haven Avenue is a good Irish pub.

We are in Viera now visiting relatives and they were speaking very highly of an Italian place just up the street in Rockledge near Lowe's, place called Baci. They said the pizza is very good. They were also talking about another place with a good fried meatball appetizer but I forget the name.

There is no reason to stay right near Viera unless, like us, you have family here (we could walk to the ballpark if it were baseball season). There's really not much to do here other than going to the movies. Stay in Melbourne or Cocoa Beach. Use US-1 to get back and forth since it's by far the quickest route (very few traffic lights).

New McDonald's just opened across the street here in front of the new Publix near the ballpark. There's also another annoying new traffic light there.