Author Topic: Tell me about Windows Phone (aka, what if I need to switch from Google)  (Read 557 times)

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yeah, going nuclear on google.

just made a brand new google account and logged into my phone flawlessly. which means the probem is NOT my phone, like the stupid idiot from customer service told me. it is my account. my account has somehow been compromised. I have no idea how. i'm very careful and I barely had anything on my phone at all, app-wise.

either way, they are convinced that my phone is to the problem, and not my account, according to them, the things I see in my Google Play account, they don't see them. like the ringtone app that somebody downloaded yesterday, that I'd never heard of until this morning, and which I definitely did not choose to download.

done with google, so much spent money down the drain. I'm not going through all the trouble of rebuilding another Google Account. I will just delete the old one, and only use the new one to log in, until i can get another phone,