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Re: Natsfest announced
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At friend of mine made a great point that they shouldn't have so much time between players for the pictures.   Too much time standing and waiting for the next group.   The line would have moved faster.   The MASN area had its own picture line where I had my picture taken with Drew and then Span.

We got there around 1 and stood in a holding area for about 25 minutes before they even let us into the 2nd floor.  Next year they need to double the area reserved for the venue, it was way way too small this year.  The line for a caricature was 45-min to an hour, the lines for the batting cages were at least an hour as was the line for photos with the players.  The only thing that didn't have a line were the base stealing lanes.    The Q&A room was jammed as well.  Had we not gotten into the 2 PM Q&A the event would have been largely a waste of time as we had to leave by 3.